Squatty Potty The Original Bathroom Toilet Stool 7"- White

Squatty Potty The Original Bathroom Toilet Stool 7"- White
From Squatty Potty

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Product Description

Made in the USA! The Squatty Potty is a wonderful health aid for the entire family. The Squatty Potty helps you to eliminate faster and more complete by putting your body into a natural squatting position over your own toilet. Using the Squatty Potty during elimination will un-kink your taking your body from a continent mode to an elimination mode. This will speed up the elimination process therefore reducing the risk of toxic build up of fecal matter left in your colon. Using the squatty potty for elimination will reduce straining and decreases the pressure. The reduction of straining will help to heal and prevent hemorrhoids. It will also reduce the risk of bowel herniation and other damage to the lower digestive tract. The Squatty Potty is attractive and will discretely tuck under your toilet bowl when not in use. Its designed with a forward slant to ergonomically align the body for a comfortable and complete elimination. Children love the Squatty Potty. It is an excellent toilet training aid. It provides them with a place to support their feet which helps to remove the fear of falling. They also don't have a need to hold onto the dirty toilet seat for balance. The White Plastic Squatty Potty is very durable, and easy to clean. Made of durable hard Polypropylene plastic. It is 7 3/4" high at the back and has a slight forward slope to 6 3/4" in the front. The Squatty potty is not a stepping stool and should only be used around the base of your toilet.

Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #68 in Health and Beauty
  • Size: 7 Inch
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Squatty Potty
  • Model: sp-e-7
  • Published on: 2015-04-18
  • Released on: 2015-04-24
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 7.50" h x 12.00" w x 20.00" l, 3.00 pounds


  • The Original Squatty Potty - Made in U.S.A. As seen on Shark Tank and The Howard Stern Show
  • The Squatty Potty Original has 2 sizes that work perfectly with ANY standard (14""-15.5") or comfort height (16""-18") toilet. If you are a new squatter, the 7" is a great place to start and if you are limber or consider yourself an advanced squatter, a 9"" Squatty Potty will work best.
  • The Squatty Potty may feel different at first, but the body quickly adjusts and the new healthy way of eliminating quickly becomes second nature. For most people, the difference is immediate while for some it takes about a week to adjust, relax and get things moving.
  • Doctor recommended / endorsed, Strong & durable, Family-friendly
  • Made of durable hard Polyurethane plastic, easy to clean.

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5It Works!
By Jayden Ryan
I first saw the YouTube video for Squatty Potty and thought it was a joke. Because it was so funny, I looked more into the company and watched the video clip from Shark Tank. The more I researched, the more sense it made. I have had trouble going number two over the last few years, and it has caused me to feel bloated and gain weight. I decided to try this Potty and also started a weight loss and detox program with Nutratech Atrafen Pro-3 in 1 Blend Provides Weight Loss and Appetite Suppression,  A Daily Dose of Probiotics for Digestive Health, and an Entire Body Detox and Cleanse which helped to kick off getting me regular and start losing weight. I ended up ordering 3 Squatty Potties - one for our family, one for a friend, and one for my parents. My mom has had hemorrhoid issues for years and laughed when I told her about it because she said her doctor recommended she get one, but she hadn't gotten around to it yet. It has been a great purchase for all 3 of our households! My friend is also a coworker and she joked we should get one for where we work too. I definitely highly recommend Squatty Potty!

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5Love this thing!
By Wm. Jonathan Bradshaw
Oh Squatty Potty,
You fill me with endless joy,
Yet leave me empty.

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5I suddenly have time to pick up a new hobby.
By Andie Pearce
I dont know what to do with all the extra time I save now that I poop faster. I think I may take up cross-stitching.

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