Squash-It Circular Regular Trash Compactor

Squash-It Circular Regular Trash Compactor

Price: $54.95


  • Brand: Squash-It
  • Manufacturer: Squash-It
  • Model: 55D30
  • Weight: 150


  • Don't Touch Your Trash, Squash-It - Use it Daily!
  • Reduces Overflowing Trash Receptacles During Peak Business Hours
  • Increase the Capacity of Your Trash Bags Liners by up to 50%
  • Decrease the Number of Trash Bag Liners you Purchase up to 33%
  • Perfect for Medium and Tall Trash Receptacles


Ideal for busy restaurants, kitchens, school cafeterias, parks, malls, shopping centers, warehouse manufacturing assembly areas, campgrounds and amusement parks. This product is designed to reduce the amount of trips necessary to empty full trash receptacles. Squash-It provides up to 50% more space in your trash receptacles. Keep your hands out of the trash and reduce workplace injury. Use up to 1/3 less trash can liners. In one minute or less, get rid of unpleasant appearances. Designed to be easily cleaned with soap and water. This product won't rust. Reduce your trash pickup costs by increasing the volume of trash going into your dumpsters or receptacles. Reducing the number of weekly trash pickups will save you money.