Squash-It Jumbo Circular Trash Compactor

Squash-It Jumbo Circular Trash Compactor

Price: $59.95


  • Brand: Squash-it
  • Manufacturer: Squash-it
  • Weight: 196


  • Compact your thorny tree shrubs, flowers and lawn trimmings without putting your hands and feet into your trash receptacle
  • Squash-It will provide up to 50% more space within your larger outdoor trash receptacle
  • Perfect for Professional Landscapers, Gardner's and Maintenance Companies
  • Squash-It is Maintenance Free and Cleans with Soap and Water


This product is designed to reduce the amount of trips necessary to empty full trash receptacles. Great for public trash receptacles, office buildings, and public trash areas. Keep your hands out of the trash and reduce workplace injury. Great for yard cleanup and reducing trash pickup costs. Prevents you from getting cuts from rose bushes, trash and trees with sharp needles and branches. Can be used in campgrounds, outside trash receptacles in schools, shopping centers, and anyplace that has constant maintenance requirements.