Upgraded Folding Shopping Cart, Stair Climbing Cart Grocery Utility Cart Stainless Steel Frame

Upgraded Folding Shopping Cart, Stair Climbing Cart Grocery Utility Cart Stainless Steel Frame

Price: $69.99


  • Brand: ROYI
  • Color: Blue
  • Manufacturer: ROYI
  • Model: 12345
  • Weight: 550


  • ★[Larger Storage Space & More Pocket Grocery Cart]-- Plz check the video on the seventh image for the installation steps. Are you fed off hauling goods from the car into your house? ROYI Stair Folding Shopping Cart is the Best Choice for you. Many people choose it as Practical Mother's day Gift! With Spacious Storage Bag and Big Front Pocket, Back Pocket and Inside Pocket, Providing You Larger Storage Space for Any Item You Want to Carry With
  • ★[Attractive Tri-wheels & Engineering Design]--There's nothing worse than the added weight of your cart when hauling goods upstairs or downstairs with a poor constructed cart.Our engineers design this cart especially for the elders,the people who has back problem,women in pregant and so on which is lightweight While when not in used, it can fold up to be compact, perfect for keeping in your trunk,pantry or garage!Say goodbye to your cumbersome, clunky shopping carts. We bet it
  • ★[Higher Quality Stainless Steel Frame & Excellent Material Bag]-- Don't price shop, imitators have cheap, poorly constructed cart frame, with irritating odor poor bag that broken and tore before you know it. You want something that will still look for sustain long-term and frequent use climbing cart, right? Better yet, our climber cart is a premium cart that is carefully crafted to help you handle with your everyday chores
  • ★[No Tedious Assembly or Tools Required]--No Machine Needed, With the Detailed Instruction Cart/Assemble Instruction E-link,Video, you can fininsh the assemble WITHIN 2 minutes! Please watch the video in the picture when you assemble the cart! Other Seller Can't Give You Warranty About the Convenience and Durability of the Product, we give you longtime Promise. Have not fear, this cart is the best accompanying partner in your go-to, wherever your destination may be
  • ★[Versatile Uses & Functional & Efficient Tool]--The posibilities of carrying everything you needed are not a problem any more! This cart not just for transport anything from laundry and groceries, to campaing gear to gardening tools.It is variously used for office files, suitcases,bottles of water,sports equipment,beach gear and kitchen supplies with its premium tri-wheel design and spacious space. Note: Due to the 3 four inches wheels design, may not apply for the opening stairs.


This is Upgraded Smart Stair Climbing Folding Shopping Cart. With the Larger Storage Space, Higher Stainless Steel Frame, More Pocket Design and durable frame, it's perfect for carrying groceries, luggage and laundry up and down the stairs.

Make Your Life Easier
Whether it's hauling a 75-pound laundry up five flights of stairs or bringing home the groceries, the Climber makes transport and storage easy, painless, and hassle free.

Larger Storage Space Grocery Cart
Storage Bag Measures 12.2"x 7.3" x 23.6" (31cm x 18.5cm x 60cm) and Entire Cart Measures 17.7" x 40.2" x 14.2"(45cm x 102cm x 36cm).

Higher Stainless Steel Frame
Upgraded Higher Frame is Suitable for Tall People to Hold the Handle Comfortably.

More Pocket Design
With New Big Front Pocket, Back Pocket and Inside Pocket, Provideing You Larger Storage Space for Your Small Items such as Wallets, Money, Handkerchief, Mobile phone or Portable Battery.

Lightweight and Duralbe
Stainless Steel Frame Makes it Easier for You to Pull the Grocery Cart.

High Quality Attractive Tri-wheels
The Stair Climbing Wheels are Made of High Quality Rubber which there is Not Any Plastic Odor and thanks to the Bearings Structure, it's Noiseless and Duralbe.

Smart Climber, Easy Your Life Here !