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  • Sales Rank: #56841 in Health and Beauty
  • Brand: Lifescan
  • Model: 353885458023
  • Ingredients: Ingredients: Aqeous solution
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 2.00" h x 2.40" w x 4.00" l, .2 pounds


  • Diabetes care

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5Great concept
By Derek E Iverson
I purchased this to test my mother's One Touch meter after she moved and had to change pharmacies. Initially, due to AMD, she had trouble adjusting to a new system and was worried that the meter wasn't accurate. But then as she 'acclimatized' to the new meter she came to trust it more and I never had to test it. So I haven't used it yet, but I think it's great to have such a way to test an important life support system.

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5Does what it is supposed to do
By R. Kawakami
I recently had to start monitoring my blood glucose level and I selected the OneTouch Ultra2 meter. As part of the measurement routine, you are supposed to periodically verify that the meter is within the measurement tolerance. That's the job of this control solution. Instead of analyzing a drop of blood, this solution is applied to the test strip and the reading should fall within a pre-determined range as printed on the bottle containing the test strips. My current batch of strips says the control range is "120 to 160 mg/dl" and the meter read 127. I don't think I'll ever use up all two vials of this control solution before the expiration date (12/2013); one would have been more than enough.

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4It works
By Terri Solomon
The solution arrived quickly and verified all was well with my meter and test strips. It had a 05/2016 UNOPENED expiration date, so it was fresh. Even if you only use it occasionally it is supposed to only be good for three months, after opening, according to the manufacturer. This means that the two vials are only good for six months if you only test once every three months. There is no better solution; pun intended. It might be better if they came in tiny one use packets but I'm sure that idea does not appeal to One Touch, with their high priced test strips and lancets.

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