Square D QO120CAFI QO 20A Arc Fault Breaker

Square D QO120CAFI QO 20A Arc Fault Breaker


  • Brand: Square D by Schneider Electric
  • Color: BLACK
  • Manufacturer: Square D by Schneider Electric
  • Model: QO120CAFIC


  • QO 20 Amp single-pole Combination AFCI circuit breaker
  • Plug-on design, easy to install
  • Compatible with QO load centers, CSED's and NQOD panel boards
  • Rated for 120 Vac
  • Rated for 10,000 AIR


Combination CAFCI 3/4" single-pole circuit breaker, designed for overload and over-current protection of an electrical system. Thermal-magnetic tripping mechanism. Designed to detect arcs that are caused by damaged, aged or improperly used wires or cords and to disconnect the power. Visi-Trip indicator to identify which circuit is out in the load center. With Time-Saver Diagnostics, advanced trip indication technology, identifying the type of fault that last occurred. 10kA interrupting rating. Uses one space per breaker. 120 volt AC. UL Listed. Carded.