Square D QO120CAFI QO 20A Arc Fault Breaker

Square D QO120CAFI QO 20A Arc Fault Breaker
From Square D by Schneider Electric

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Product Description

Combination CAFCI 3/4" single-pole circuit breaker, designed for overload and over-current protection of an electrical system. Thermal-magnetic tripping mechanism. Designed to detect arcs that are caused by damaged, aged or improperly used wires or cords and to disconnect the power. Visi-Trip indicator to identify which circuit is out in the load center. With Time-Saver Diagnostics, advanced trip indication technology, identifying the type of fault that last occurred. 10kA interrupting rating. Uses one space per breaker. 120 volt AC. UL Listed. Carded.

Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #15625 in Home Improvement
  • Size: 1-Space
  • Color: BLACK
  • Brand: Square D by Schneider Electric
  • Model: QO120CAFIC
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 4.75" h x .75" w x 2.92" l,


  • QO 20 Amp single-pole Combination AFCI circuit breaker
  • Plug-on design, easy to install
  • Compatible with QO load centers, CSED's and NQOD panel boards
  • Rated for 120 Vac
  • Rated for 10,000 AIR

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5High quailty Arc Fault breakers...
By Victor H. Agresti
Combination Arc Fault Circuit Breakers for Square D QO Load Centers

This review is for non-electricians...

I installed 18 one-pole combination AFCIs and 4 two-pole CAFCIs in a 30-year-old house with a Square D QO load center and three QO sub-panels. I also replaced an old 12-space sub-panel with a Square D 24-space Plug-On Neutral Load Center.

– product quality appears to be outstanding, but realistically, a customer has to trust Square D’s breakers to meet design specs and to last. The lifetime replacement warranty is a testament to the manufacturer’s confidence of quality.

– these differ in appearance from standard (non-AFCI, non-GFCI) breakers in that they are MUCH wider, have a test button, the white & black circuit wires attach directly to the breaker, and the 18" coiled white wire is to be connected to the neutral bar.


– if you are comfortable working on live panels, AFCI breakers are about as simple to install as a light switch; otherwise, hire an electrician. (If working on a sub-panel, consider cutting the power to that sub-panel before beginning work.) Square D “plug-on neutral” breakers are easier/quicker to install and result in less wiring clutter within a panel, since they lack the pig-tail white neutral wire – BUT, they work only in a Plug-On Neutral Square D Load Center.

– If you’re installing a new Square D load center, get the plug-on style since plug-on or non-plug-on Square D breakers work in them. The only difference with the plug-on style load center is the black breaker assembly; i.e., the outer breaker snap rods are steel (rather than plastic) and those rods are connected to the neutral bar.

– While you have the load center’s cover off, you might want to re-tighten all neutral hold-down screws and existing breaker hold-down screws, as they may have loosened over time.

– In my State, no electrical permit is required for a homeowner to replace circuit breakers, light switches, receptacles, light fixtures, etc.

– Remove the load center cover to determine if there are any multi-wire circuits (MWC), before ordering CAFCI breakers. (The first comment has details.) Single pole CAFCI breakers will trip if installed on either half of a MWC; i.e., MWC’s will need two-pole CAFCI breakers.

– Upon installation or soon thereafter, a CAFCI breaker may trip (three of mine did) – see the first comment for resolution options.


All 22 QO CAFCI breakers worked fine and should one go bad in the future, Square D has that lifetime warranty on the product.

A wealthy Maryland family was killed in an electrical house fire recently. Their home was built prior to county code requiring sprinklers or AFCI circuit breakers. That fire convinced us that it was time to add arc-fault protection to our home’s breaker panels.

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5did not fit the enclosure but had no trouble returning ...
By shirley
did not fit the enclosure but had no trouble returning it for refund.

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5Piece of mind
By Amazon Customer
N.E.C. does not go far enough. These breakers give you one less thing to worry about when you have aluminum wiring(branch circuits)

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