PC Products 240168 PC-Rot Terminator Two-Part Epoxy Wood Consolidant, 24 oz in Two Bottles, Amber

PC Products 240168 PC-Rot Terminator Two-Part Epoxy Wood Consolidant, 24 oz in Two Bottles, Amber
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Product Description

PC-Rot Terminator is structural wood hardener designed to strengthen decayed or rotted wood. The mixture is a low viscosity liquid that penetrates porous surfaces filling and sealing voids with an epoxy that cures to a hard but durable component. PC-Rot Terminator is useful for replacement of missing wood fibers or wood resin. PC-Rot Terminator fills the voids in the wood with an elastomer that has strength greater than wood. PC-Rot Terminator acts as a binder that glues the wood fibers together. The wood fibers become much stronger in combination with the epoxy elastomer. PC-Rot Terminator contains 100 percent active ingredients and does not contain solvents which may evaporate and cause shrinkage. The cure rate in the thicker sections is faster than in the thin sections. The greater the temperature, the faster the cure time. PC-Rot Terminator cure can be accelerated using a light bulb or other gentle heat source. The cure rate is halved for every 20 degree F increase. After cure (roughly 24 hours) fill in missing pieces with PC Woody paste epoxy. One unit of 24 ounces will seal 50 to 100 square feet of deck as a sealer. For severely rotted wood, one unit will treat 500 to 2500 cubic inches. The amount of usage depends on the porosity of wood. Damp wood that is heavy with water will not accept the maximum amount of the mixture. PC-Rot Terminator can not displace water in wood. Work time: 60 minutes. Thin film set: 12 Hours. Cure for service: 24 Hours. Maximum cure: 7 Day. Compressive modulus: 230000 psi. Compressive yield strength: 6500 psi. Tensile strength: 4500 psi. Tensile modulus: 210000 psi. Tensile elongation at break: 12 percent. Flexural strength: 9500 psi. Flexural modulus: 300000 psi. Hardness shored: 78. Mar resistance: 1.05 Kg.

Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #1570 in BISS Basic
  • Size: 24 oz
  • Color: Amber
  • Brand: PC Products
  • Model: 240168
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 8.50" h x 6.00" w x 3.50" l, 1.10 pounds


  • Two-part epoxy wood consolidant hardens rotted wood and protects against future water and wear damage
  • Can be used in indoor and outdoor applications, with an application temperature range of 35 to 115 degrees F and a service temperature range of -20 to +200 degrees F
  • Low viscosity liquid for filling and sealing gaps deep in the wood grain
  • Provides work time of 60 minutes to fully saturate wood
  • Can be primed, painted, or stained after it has been cured

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PC-Products, celebrating 60 years of “Fixing Your Things”, with quality, reliable repair products. Repair solutions for just about anything that needs repair or what you can manage to break. From Concrete to Wood restoration and heavy duty permanent repairs, we have you covered.Yeah; We can fix that!

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4Landscape Timbers - Use with Saw Dust
By billiam
I used this product to fix some rot in pressure treated landscape timbers. Suggest that you mix saw dust with this epoxy - the saw dust gets encapsulated with the epoxy (so it does not rot) - but helps increase the volume so you use less of the material. Product hardened up and looks great.

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5so good. I first cleaned off all soft wood that ...
By D. Trombley
I am using this on rotted wood trim, to stop the rot before filling it with two part PC Woody epoxy. So far, so good. I first cleaned off all soft wood that I could. Then I drilled holes and squirted the Terminator in. I also brushed it on the wood. The next morning, the wood was rock solid. I'm using it on exterior cedar trim. Here's a tip - filling the bottle to the lines makes a LOT of mixture! Sometimes it was too much. I mixed up half quantities and used that. The product will also last longer that way.

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5Excellent product, strong, extremely hard and durable. You get a lot for the money.
By Justin
Man this saved my life. Had some extensive wood rot on 4 deck posts holding up a 20 foot deck. Did a lot of research on products and came across PC Products. Followed the instructions per the container allowed to cure. The results were amazing. Extremely hard after it set up, waterproof, and saved me from thousands of costly post removals.

Its been about 8 months and the posts are in great shape!

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