DuPont FlexWrap NF 9" x 75' - Self Adhered Butyl Flashing Tape - 1 Roll

DuPont FlexWrap NF 9" x 75' - Self Adhered Butyl Flashing Tape - 1 Roll

Price: $178.00


  • Brand: DuPont
  • Color: White
  • Manufacturer: DuPont
  • Model: D14048062
  • Weight: 1400


DuPont FlexWrap NF is a premium performance, extendable self adhered flashing material that can be applied over a wide range of building substrates, including non nailable sheathing materials like PSfoam board, fiberboard, concrete masonry unit (CMU), and other such materials. DuPont FlexWrap NF self adhered flashing does not require mechanical fasteners, even in flexed corner areas around building openings. This allows it to provide easy, one-step insulation for hard-to-seal corners around windows and doors. FlexWrap NF is designed to help protect vulnerable corners against air and water intrusion, as part of a complete DuPont Building Envelope Solution. It's effective across a range of window and door designs and a wide range of typical wall substrates. FlexWrap NF integrates easily with all DuPont air and water barriers, to help seal the building envelope for improved durability and energy efficiency. Correctly installed, FlexWrap NF can help stop water from getting at the corners of windows and doors. In turn, that can help prevent water damage, such as wood rot and corrosion,as well as mold. Keeping air and water out can also help maintain insulation R-value, for improved energy efficiency. DuPont FlexWrap NF means "no fasteners." Instead, DuPont FlexWrap NF is a self adhered, extendable flashing backed with a 100 percent butyl based adhesive layer, making one-step installation and protection possible. And because it's an extendible flashing material, DuPont FlexWrap NF can be stretched and wrapped into a rough window opening before the window is installed, or flashed around arched or custom-shaped windows, as well as other wall penetrations. So FlexWrap NF isn't just an effective flashing to seal out water, it's also a cost- and time effective material for crews to work with on the job site.