Nylon Cable Ties - 4" - Multi Color (Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Fuschia, Orange, Gray, Purple) - 500 Pieces

Nylon Cable Ties - 4" - Multi Color (Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Fuschia, Orange, Gray, Purple) - 500 Pieces
From Electriduct

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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #2682 in Home Improvement
  • Size: 4 Inch
  • Color: 10 Colors
  • Brand: Electriduct
  • Dimensions: .5 pounds


  • 10 Colors: Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Neon Yellow, Fuschia, Neon Orange, Gray, Purple
  • Length: 4"
  • Width: 0.09"
  • Tensil strength: 18 lbs.
  • 100 pieces of each color (500 Total)

Customer Reviews

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5Great for fast and easy color coding
By Island Thyme
We use these brightly colored zip ties to color code our oyster grow bags. We use one color to designate the type of oyster in the bag, and a secondary color to designate the year the oysters were set out.
After 1 year of constant exposure to sun and salt water there is no noticeable fading of the color.

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5Bright colors, small but strong, great price. The perfect inexpensive, small zip tie as long as you're okay with the colors
By katrenco
I bought these zip ties/nylon cable ties mainly for yard and garden use. They're pretty small (4"), but the buyer should know that from the description, and they're also quite strong, more so than other inexpensive ties I've used. The five colors are bright, a little wild, and they show up from quite a distance which may not be ideal in all applications. I don't care what color tie I use in the garden as long as it works and performs as it should, and these do! At $9.25/free shipping for 500 ties, the price is great, whatever color they are. If you use alot of small zip ties, need one with decent strength, aren't particular about the color (or happen to want colors like these), and don't want to pay a bunch of money for something that's a one-time use (like zip ties), these are an excellent choice! The little ties exceeded my expectations and I'm very satisfied with the purchase.

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5Great option for temporarily marking baby chickens!
By Marilyn K.
These are exactly as described arrive in the variety of bright colors shown. We purchased ours to tag chicks since they have many advantages over the other options available.
* The variety of bright colors all in one pack.
* The fact that we could use them on any bird no matter what size the leg and didn't have to incur the extra expense of purchases many sizes.
* They are very easy to get on without hurting the babies, their legs are very fragile.
* The colors allows us to tag different breeds since many look the same as babies.
* They also allowed us to tag for any other options we chose since you can put more than one on a leg easily.
* The bright colors are easy to spot and tell apart (except for the two yellows).

The only disadvantage we found is that they sometimes fall off. To solve this we simply put one on each leg figuring if one falls off the other would still be left. This has worked out great.

I'm sure we will be purchasing more of these in for future tagging, we love how they are working for us.

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