AMARS 5M/16.4ft 3528 SMD Blacklight UV/Ultraviolet 395nm-405nm LED Light Strip Fixtures DC 12V 60leds/m 300 LED Purple Light Bulb Lighting

AMARS 5M/16.4ft 3528 SMD Blacklight UV/Ultraviolet 395nm-405nm LED Light Strip Fixtures DC 12V 60leds/m 300 LED Purple Light Bulb Lighting

Price: $35.99


  • Brand: AMARS
  • Color: Uv
  • Manufacturer: AMARS
  • Model: H&PC-63103


  • 1. It is a blacklight UV LED lights strip, great choice for room disinfection, DJ, Poster, photograph, night fishing, 3D print, test paper money, induce and kill insect, promote plant growth, fluoresce dried urine,food stains etc.
  • 2. Also create amazing atmospheres at parties or gigs, works great with UV body face paints fluorescent. Perfectly for party, play, event, gallery, game room, night club.
  • 3. Easy Installation: self-adhesive back with UPDATED enhanced adhesive tape for safe and easy application.
  • 4. A power adapter(DC12V 2A) is required but not included, please search 'DZ024HL 120200U ' on Amazon if you need one.
  • 5. After-sales Service - Quality problems occur within one year replacement, if there is any problem, please CONTACT US and we will give you a 100% refund within 90 days of purchase. We will try our BEST customer service on Amazon.


* Original Blacklight

The blacklight strip gives out a true black light that is somewhat subdued. True black lights will glow a room with little actual "brightness". That is what this light does. This light will give an awesome glow to anything fluorescent.

* 395nm---405nm UV light' widely application:

1.)Fluoresce dried urine, odor of dogs cats small animals on carpets, stains, food stains.
2.)Test paper money, passports etc.
3.)Promote plant growth.
4.)Induce and kill insect.
5.)Night fishing: fishes have Photo taxis, violet color is best used for lighting the float on the night while don't disturb the fish.
6.)Create amazing atmosphere: do a great job with UV body paints & fluorescents at party, DJ, stage, gallery etc.

* Specification

* Length: 5m/16.4ft; 300pcs SMD UV in total.
* Life Span: about 50,000+ hours.
* Wavelength: 395nm---405nm.
* Waterproof Class: IP20; NO Waterproof(indoor use Only).
* Working Voltage: DC12V.
* Power Supply Adapter: DC12V 2A for 5m light strip(not included).
* Viewing Angle : 120°.
* Running at low temperature low power consumption.
* Both ends reserves the power supply connect ways. One end is DC head which can plug & play; the other end are wires connection way. Please choose one of them.
* All the light spread and completely smooth,luminous very even.

* Why this package don't include DC12V 2A power supply?

1. If you have had a DC12V Power Supply already or you need to connect this light strip with other DC12V power supply(DIY), you needn't to waste money to buy a extra power supply.
2.If you don't have a suitable A DC12V power supply and need to buy it. Super easy: search "DZ024HL 120200U" on AMAZON and add it to cart with this light strip, buy them together with one button.


1 * 5m 3528 UV LED Light Strip