PULNDA Salt Lamp Himalayan Rock Lamp Glow Hand Carved Natural Crystal Amber Light with Dimmer Control (1 Pack)

PULNDA Salt Lamp Himalayan Rock Lamp Glow Hand Carved Natural Crystal Amber Light with Dimmer Control (1 Pack)


  • Brand: PULNDA
  • Color: Amber
  • Manufacturer: PULNDA
  • Model: 1002


  • Unique Design: 100% himalayan crystal salts from Himalayan Mountains with durable base made of Neem wood, its exquisite hand carved shape is perfect for decoration.
  • Air Purifying: Releasing negative ions into the air by heating the salt with the included 15 Watt bulb to creating an effect as natural anion generator and purify the air.
  • Relieve Pressure: Once lit, the lamp emits calming amber color to create a lighting ambience, which can lift your mood and relieve stress.
  • Radiation Protection: When lighting up, the lamp can emit a electromagnetic wave, which can naturally adjust and restrain high-frequency electromagnet wave generated by electric appliance.
  • Dimmer Control: Come with dimmer switch, you can adjust the luminance by rotating the ridged wheel on switch.


PULNDA Himalayan Salt Lamp, a Natural Air Purifier, Mood Booster and Sleep Promoter.

The PULNDA Salt lamp is made from salt crystals from the Himalayan Mountains. You can use it in a child's room, near the television or computer, or in your office and ect. Salt lamps can absorb the mold, bacteria, and allergens from water vapor and then purify air, providing you a clean breathe space. When lit with the included 15-watt bulb, it gives a warm amber glow, which can make your heart peaceful. Have this Himalayan Salt Lamp, means have a comfortable and sweet sleep as well. Whether you'd perfect a luminous glow for reading, soft illumination to lull yourself to a serene slumber, or any level in between, you will find your perfect balance.

Important Note

Please make sure the switch is on off status before use.

Please wipe outside surface with a dry cloth and then light it up, as salt lamp may dissolve slightly if it's not used for a long time or under humid environment.

Each lamp may be slightly different from the image product in color or size due to the natural variation in Himalayan crystal salts.


Material: 100% Himalayan crystal salt

Voltage: 110V

Power: 15W

Height: About 8-10 inch

Diameter: About 3.7 inch

Weight: 2.72kg/6lb


1*Himalayan Salt Lamp

1*15watt incandescent light bulb

1*6 ft UL-approved electric cord