Bercom BER-2520-CT INC 6PK Handy 2520-CT Paint Pail Liners, 6-Count, Clear

Bercom BER-2520-CT INC 6PK Handy 2520-CT Paint Pail Liners, 6-Count, Clear

List Price: $4.99

Price: $4.16


  • Brand: Bercom
  • Color: Clear
  • Manufacturer: Handy Paint Pail
  • Model: BER-2520-CT
  • Weight: 0.3


  • Makes color change fast and easy
  • Makes clean up fast and easy
  • 6 custom-fit disposable liners per pack
  • Made of 100 percent recycled materials.
  • Made in the U.S.A.


The Handy Paint Pail was created in 2001 in classic Do-It-Yourself style. Mark Bergman was doing some painting around his house using the standard "coffee can" paint container. When Mark's hand began to tire, he designed a strap out of duct tape and the Handy Paint Pail was born. The built in bracket, magnetic brush holder, roller grid and tool and rag holder makes this multi-use pail the perfect answer for any project on or off a ladder. In 2008, Become made some changes and improvements to their existing products and expanded their product line, beginning with the color of the pails. Become believed that if they urge their customers to continuously change colors, why shouldn't they? Not to mention the new color was extremely eye catching! So, after five years of producing gray pails, Become changed the color to red. Following that trend, Become changed the color of the Pro Series Paint Pail, made it lighter in weight, lower in price and re-named it the Handy Roller Pail. In addition, requests from customers wanting to attach the Roller Pail to a ladder led to the creation of the Handy Ladder Hook. Not only does this item secure the Handy Roller Pail or a standard paint can to any ladder, this mini-bungee can be used for many other applications. The most exciting and successful new product from Become in 2008, however, was the Handy Paint Cup. This new entry-level paint cup hit the ground in a dead sprint. Although it does not have all the features as the original Handy Paint Pail, it grants the customer the ability to afford something similar. The disposable Handy Paint Cup holds up to a pint of paint and has a built in magnet, which makes it perfect for trim work and craft projects! Stayed tuned for more NEW, innovative and exciting products from Become...