Home Right C800251 3/8 inch Roller Cover, 3/8-Inch

Home Right C800251 3/8 inch Roller Cover, 3/8-Inch

List Price: $5.99

Price: $5.64


  • Brand: Homeright
  • Color: Blue
  • Manufacturer: Home Right
  • Model: C800251


  • HIGH QUALITY PAINT ROLLER: The HomeRight 3/8" paint roller covers are perforated and shed resistant to lay down the perfect coat of paint on your surface. Roller covers are also available in 3/4" size
  • PAINTSTICK ROLLER COVER: This roller nap is designed for use with the HomeRight PaintStick, PaintStick EZ-Twist, and similar models
  • GREAT COVERAGE: This roller is 9" in length and works great with latex and oil-based paints and primers on smooth and semi-smooth surfaces
  • FLOW FROM THE INSIDE OUT: The roller cover core has perforated holes, which allows the paint to saturate the nap from the inside. Paired with the PaintStick or EZ-Twist, you'll never have to use a roller tray again
  • EASY TO CLEAN: HomeRight paint roller covers can be used again and again. Simply wash your roller nap after each use and it'll be ready for your next painting project


We've taken the new and improved perforated and shed-resistant HomeRight Premium Roller Cover to a an even better level of quality. The roller cover nap is made of durable, lasting polyester, and the rugged roller cover core is made of long-wearing polypropylene. The roller cover can be used on both smooth and semi-smooth surfaces, such as drywall and plaster. Use the HomeRight 9" Premium Roller Cover with PaintStick EZ-Twist, PaintStick, power rollers and other pressure-fed paint applicators. The 3/8" nap is best for smooth surfaces and materials like latex-based and oil-based paints and primers. Roller Cleaning kit available under item C800369.

Transform Your Room With a Fresh Coat of Paint

Use the PaintStick to save yourself time, energy, and walk away with a beautifully painted surface on your walls or ceiling.

 No Roller Tray, No Drips, and No Mess

The PaintStick draws paint directly from the can and holds paint in the handle, which eliminates the need for a traditional roller tray. This will save you from going back and forth to refill on paint.

 Exceeds Traditional Paint Roller

The PaintStick has a variety of features to make painting faster and easier. The PaintStick extends to 54 inches for added reach and can paint an 8 x 8 wall in one minute. For even more features and control, check out the PaintStick EZ-Twist.


Painting your ceilings has never been easier! Unlike traditional rollers, the PaintStick provides 54 inches of reach to make your ceiling pop with color with no drips or mess.


Paint your walls like a pro. With the paint in the handle, you can paint an 8’ x 8’ wall in 1 minute. That means you can have a whole room done at lightning speed!

 Awkward, Hard-to-Reach Areas

With extended reach and more control, the PaintStick allows you to easily paint those difficult areas in your home without the need for a ladder or tarp. This eliminates the potential danger and mess that comes with using a traditional roller.