VIVREAL Paint Sprayer Spray Gun - Electric Paint Sprayer Gun 400w Spray Paint Gun with Three Spray Patterns, Adjustable Valve Knob, Flow Control and 800ml Container for Home Indoor Outdoor Painting

VIVREAL Paint Sprayer Spray Gun - Electric Paint Sprayer Gun 400w Spray Paint Gun with Three Spray Patterns, Adjustable Valve Knob, Flow Control and 800ml Container for Home Indoor Outdoor Painting


  • Brand: VIVREAL
  • Color: Grey and black
  • Manufacturer: VIVREAL
  • Weight: 309


  • FAST AND TIME-SAVING - With VIVREAL Electric Paint Sprayer, you can easily get job done quickly with the best even coverage. The two adjustable nozzles and cup adjusts the flow rate, helping you to paint what you want. Compared with other electric paint sprayers on the market, VIVREAL paint sprayer gun is more user-friendly. It helps to achieve a flawless finish in less time than a paintbrush. Besides, the paint sprayer fits perfectly in your hands, making your work highly efficient
  • THREE SPRAY PATTERNS - VIVREAL Electric paint sprayer gun has three spray patterns: Diagonal Pattern, Vertical Pattern and Horizontal Pattern. You can pick one pattern to disperse paint in the desired manner. For Diagonal Pattern, this setting will create an even spherical shape for large, wide surfaces. For Vertical Pattern, it will disperse a horizontal coating for wide but small surfaces. For Horizontal Patten, it will disperse a vertical coating for long but not wide surfaces
  • VISCOSITY CUP ADDED and ADJUSTABLE VALVE KNOB - VIVREAL hvlp paint sprayer has one viscosity cup that comes with the spray gun. It helps to identify if the painting material is enough thin, and avoid the case that the paint sprayer can't spray the paint out. And the paint sprayer has an adjustable valve knob. You can adjust the air camp of valve knob to one of three positions for a vertical, horizontal or diagonal spray pattern. With these two handy features, the paint sprayer can achieve an ev
  • WIDELY USED FOR PAINTING PROJECTS - VIVREAL Electric paint sprayer gun can be widely used in all the painting projects that you want, very ideal for DIY, home painting, furniture painting, interior walls or any other exterior surfaces and fine finishing. With the paint sprayer, you can work on various surface areas of the furniture, cabinets, crafts, dressers and more. Besides, no more colors limited from the oil can of the paint sprayer. Choose one color and start your projects
  • EASY TO DISSASSEMBLE AND CLEAN - The Electric Paint Sprayer is easy to disassemble to thoroughly clean parts. Once your project is complete, you can disassemble the entire parts of sprayer with great ease. Then pick one cleaning brush for the thorough cleaning in order to achieve the best painting finish for next work. After the cleaning, resemble the parts of the paint sprayer and put it in safe and cool place for great storage and next use


VIVREAL Electric Paint Sprayer is a practical hand-held sprayer kit for all the indoor and outdoor painting projects. It can work on many surface areas, such as interior walls, floors, furniture or any other exterior projects. It is very user-friendly, even the beginners can use it with ease and achieve a perfect even painting finsih. Therefore, a high quality electric paint sprayer can help you to do an excellent painting work with great ease and comfort.

The most obvious advantage of VIVREAL Electric Paint Sprayer over the other paint sprayers or paint brushes lies in its fast and efficient painting. Owe to its handy three-pattern features, two adjustable nozzle sizes and valve knob, users , even the beginners can use it easily to work on any surface areas in the desired manner. And it can achieve an even painting finish with less overspray, making it an highly efficient tool for daily painting projects.

In addition, the VIVREAL Electric Paint Sprayer can be easily disassembled and cleaned. After disassembling the paint sprayer, you can clean its parts thoroughly with one cleaning brush so that it won't interfere your next painting work and meanwhile prolongs its service life.

Much Attention paid to VIVREAL Electric Paint Sprayer
1. Keep out of the reach of children under the age of 16.
2. when using the paint sprayer, please keep the work area clean to achieve a perfect even painting.
3. Please get away from any ignition resources or electrical products that may cause explosion or fire.
4. Do not smoke in the spray area.
5. Do not spray outdoor or on windy days. Household use only.
6. Never use the painter on the human body or animals.
7. Please wear the protective clothes in case of any accidental injuries or hazards.
8. Please read the instructions carefully before you start.