Caulk Cap CCY-2 Sealer (2 Pack)

Caulk Cap CCY-2 Sealer (2 Pack)

Price: $3.79


  • Brand: Caulk Cap
  • Color: Original Version
  • Manufacturer: GTR Technologies, Inc.
  • Model: CCY-2
  • Weight: 5


  • Seals caulking tubes to use again and again
  • The puncture point starts your project fast
  • Non-stick materials allow for easy cleaning
  • Saves your expensive caulking, saves you money


The caulk cap seals your caulking air tight. Simply select a caulking tube, cut tip to desired bead size and use puncture pin to break the membrane inside the tube. When you are done using the caulk simply seal by pressing your caulk cap on until snug. The caulk cap Works with smaller adhesive tubes too, just take out the puncture pin. For use with even fast-drying adhesives like liquid nails. Using the caulk cap seals tubes air tight so you can use it again and again. Caulk cap is committed to responsible manufacturing. No harmful materials are used. Our products and packaging are 100% recyclable.