DEWALT DC545K 18-Volt 310-ml Adhesive and Caulk Gun

DEWALT DC545K 18-Volt 310-ml Adhesive and Caulk Gun

List Price: $463.10

Price: $249.00


  • Brand: DEWALT
  • Manufacturer: Dewalt
  • Model: DC545K
  • Weight: 800


  • 360 degree rotateable cartridge holder fits 10oz, 1/10 gal, and 300ml to 310ml cartridges
  • Tool delivers up to 650 pounds pushing force to dispense the highest viscosity adhesives and sealants
  • Auto-reverse feature helps reduce drips, waste, and clean-up
  • Set-and-Forget variable speed control for consistent flow rates and bead control
  • Comes with a 360 degree cartridge holder that fits both 10-ounce and 300-310 milliliter cartridges


This durable, efficient gun from DEWALT is ideal for heavy-duty caulking or sealant jobs. Able to handle even the thickest adhesives without clogging, the DC545K provides up to 640 pounds of force for consistent, reliable results. To ensure optimum precision and control, simply set the variable speed and start working. And you won't have to worry about drips and messes, thanks to the auto-reverse electronic. For added convenience, the DC545K gets its power from an 18-volt battery made to work with all of DEWALT's line of 18-volt packs and tools, and comes with a 360-degree cartridge holder that fits 10-ounce- and 300-310 milliliter cartridges.