GRIVER 5-Piece Caulking Tool Kit,Caulk Finishing Tool Kit (5-Piece Caulking Tool Kit)

GRIVER 5-Piece Caulking Tool Kit,Caulk Finishing Tool Kit (5-Piece Caulking Tool Kit)

Price: $5.97


  • Brand: GOOCHAN
  • Color: 5-Piece Caulking Tool Kit
  • Manufacturer: LILYHOME


  • HIGH QUALITY PU MATERIAL.3 pieces blue smooth tools are made of wearproof and solvent-resistance PU.Soft and durable
  • REUSEABLE. PU material could be cut and reused.Smoothly cut the sealing edges,the set could be renewed
  • HIGH STABILITY.The soft feature remains under different temperature.No matter it be used in summer or winter,the softness haven't big difference
  • 5-PIECE IN A SET.2 sealing edges,1 bonus mini applicator,1 caulk removal tool and 1 scraper,5-piece caulking tool kit for a perfect finish. The scraper is additional for scraping spare sealants
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. The GRIVER GE005 are sold with a full 30 days money-back guarantee. If you're unsatisfied with this item for any reason, we'll immediately refund your purchase price.


GRIVER 5-Piece Caulking Finishing Tool Kits
-The 3 piece smoothing tool are perfect for convex angle to create 8 sealing edge sizes - 16mm round, 16mm, 10mm, 8mm, 5mm, 90 degree, standard, grout.
1.Triangle Tool -use with convex angle,small round shape,grout,5mm and 8mm standard ect could be created with the triangle tool;
2.Square Tool -use with convex angle,big round shape,90 degree,10mm and 16mm standard ect could be perfectly created;
3.Mini Rectangle Tool -use with convex angle,small round shape,90 degree,5mm and 8mm standard could be used at small space cleaning;

Caulk Removal Tool -use with both convex and concave angle.It reach into tight channels and corners to shave caulk clean in minutes.
The caulking tool kit is the easy way to smooth and remove caulk & sealants, adhesive-caulk,creates seamless joints on indoor or outdoor projects.
Plus,there is no waste -just reapply the excess to extend the seal with no seam.

Package Contents:
-2 tools with 8 sealing edge sizes(Blue)
-Bonus mini applicator(Blue)
-Caulk removal tool(Black)