Intruder 15001 Cut Resistant Glove

Intruder 15001 Cut Resistant Glove

Price: $5.29


  • Brand: Intruder
  • Manufacturer: Intruder, Inc.
  • Model: 15001


  • Stain and odor resistant glove Form fits users hand for improved grip on slippery objects
  • Uniform protection from hand to wrist Cut level 5 rated by US standards
  • Dishwasher safe Made in the USA Available in 6 sizes


The Intruder Stainless Steel Cut Resistant Glove is designed to reduce your risk of injury when cutting vegetables, meat and other items. The gloves' highly-advanced construction combines a cut-resistant stainless steel core wrapped in hi-tech interwoven polyester that is sealed in a non-absorbent, odor resistant vinyl jacket. All materials are FDA/USDA approved and meet rigid food service standards.