Wagner Power Products 282018 1-Gallon Wallpaper Steamer

Wagner Power Products 282018 1-Gallon Wallpaper Steamer


  • Brand: Wagner Spraytech
  • Manufacturer: Wagner
  • Model: 0282018
  • Weight: 563


  • Electric wallpaper steamer; uses only tap water, no chemical mess
  • Easy way to remove vinyl, painted, and multiple layers of wallpaper
  • Lightweight durable plastic
  • Includes reservoir and 8-by-11-inch steam plate, 6-foot power cord
  • 1 gallon reservoir; 5.6 pounds; 1-year home-use warranty


The 705 Steamer is a safe, chemical-free product for wallpaper removal. The steamer removes all types of wallpaper, multiple layers of wallpaper, and wallpaper that has been painted-over. The steamer only requires clean tap water for operation and clean-up. The 705 Steamer comes with a small 3" x 6" and a large 8" x 11" steam plate. With the Wagner 705 Wallpaper Power Steamer you can remove wallpaper the first time, every time. This lightweight steamer provides 1,500 watts of steam power, a long, 11-foot steam hose, and a steam plate with a large surface area, so you can quickly and easily remove wallpaper without chemicals, even in hard-to-reach places.

Wagner 705 Wallpaper Power Steamer package includes:
  • Wagner 705 Wallpaper Power Steamer
  • Six-foot power cord
  • 11-foot steam hose
  • One-gallon reservoir
  • 8 x 11 inch steam plate

The steamer's compact, lightweight frame handles and stores easily. View larger.

This powerful, chemical-free steamer removes multiple layers of wallpaper in minutes. View larger.
Remove Wallpaper in Just One Step
With 1,500 watts of steam power, the Wagner 705 makes easy work of removing wallpaper--it's even powerful enough to remove multiple layers of wallpaper and wallpaper that's been painted over.

And with a large, 8 x 11 inch steam plate, the 705 Power Steamer offers generous coverage for quick and efficient wallpaper removal. Simply place the steam plate on your wall for about 10 seconds--the steam will penetrate the wallpaper, making it easy to peel.

, Wallet-Friendly Wallpaper Removal
The Wagner 705 Power Steamer uses no chemicals, solvents, or detergents, so it's an choice that is safe for homes with kids and pets. And since the 705 Wallpaper Power Steamer uses just regular tap water, and because the steamer can be reused again and again, it's a cost-effective choice for you and your family.

Easy-to-Use, Lightweight Design
With a lightweight design and an easy-grip handle that's located on top of the reservoir tank, the Wagner 705 Power Steamer is portable enough to use anywhere. The long, 11-foot steam hose lets you access hard-to-reach places with ease, and the built-in handle on the steam plate allows for easy, one-handed operation.

The large, one-gallon reservoir holds enough water for up to 70 minutes of steaming, and an innovative pressure relief and overheat protection feature keeps the steamer safe from overheating. Additionally, the 705's small footprint makes it compact enough to store in a closet or nook until its next use.

The Wagner 705 Power Steamer is backed by a one-year limited warranty for residential use.

What's in the Box
Wagner 705 Steamer, six-foot power cord, 11-foot steam hose, one-gallon reservoir, and 8 x 11 inch steam plate.