Wall Doctor 857101004808 Kit Drywall Patch, 4"

Wall Doctor 857101004808 Kit Drywall Patch, 4"


  • Brand: Wall Doctor
  • Manufacturer: Wall Doctor
  • Model: 857101004808
  • Weight: 220


  • Quick repair: Wall Doctor drywall patch kit is your do-it-yourself solution to fix your drywall holes or cracks in less than 60 seconds with a simple and easy application
  • Convenient: 3 quick and easy steps, no tools needed, no Skills needed, and no cleanup required
  • Professional look: self-adhesive for a seamless look. Sandable and paintable material gives a professional finish
  • All in one: kit comes with everything you need to repair holes and cracks in your wall in 3 quick and easy steps
  • Includes: 1 Wall Doctor drywall patch kit - 4 inch patch


Introducing Wall Doctor Patch Kit, the complete drywall repair kit for your damaged walls. Other drywall repair solutions require additional materials and tools, but Wall Doctor comes with everything you need to repair your walls including: a support disc, repair frame with specialized compound, and sandpaper. So ditch the unnecessary perforated tapes, metal reinforcements, compounds and compound knives or drywall saws. Simply apply the support disc over the damaged area, peel back the lining from the specialized compound and press. Spread the compound with your fingers to fill the frame and you're done. No preparation, no second or third coats, no additional tools, no specialized skills required, and absolutely no mess! Allow Wall Doctor to dry 24 hours before removing the frame, sanding lightly and painting to touch up. For the easiest, fastest, and most affordable wall repair solution, use Wall Doctor Patch Kit. Visit us at wall doctor to learn more.