The Best Wallpapers HD, 4K Backgrounds

The Best Wallpapers HD, 4K Backgrounds

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  • Brand: highdeve
  • Manufacturer: highdeve


  • What can it do?
  • ❀ You can change the color of the wallpaper by selecting one under "2. Select Background"
  • ❀ The butterflies also change their color. You can pick between blue, orange, purple or green. Pink butterflies will be added soon.
  • ❀ Butterflies change their color when clicking them.
  • ❀ Fully optimized app to run on almost all android devices and to keep the image crisp and realistic.
  • ❀ It just looks great!
  • ❀ The app is best suited for kids and girls.
  • After unlock, the screen will treat you with a stunning background with real butterflies. If you like the app you can also give us a high rating to reward our work!