Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light, 51 LED 395 nM Ultraviolet Blacklight Detector for Dog Urine, Pet Stains and Bed Bug

Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light, 51 LED 395 nM Ultraviolet Blacklight Detector for Dog Urine, Pet Stains and Bed Bug
From Esco-Lite

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Product Description

Uses 3 AA Standard Alkaline Battery(Not Included). Hope you can understand.

Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #14 in Home Improvement
  • Size: full
  • Color: 51 Uv Led Flashlight
  • Brand: Esco-Lite
  • Model: 00F-51UV-001A
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 3.00" h x 1.50" w x 7.00" l, .38 pounds


  • Uses 3 AA Standard Alkaline Battery(Not Included). Hope you can understand.
  • 51 UV LED allow to cover a larger area
  • Perfect for outside use such as hunting scorpions and minerals!
  • Emits 390 to 395 nanometer wavelength
  • Tips:in order to keep the flashlight's lifetime,if you did not use it for a long time,please put off the battery.

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5This light helped me discover that WWIII was happening on my landing...
By Peter Miller
I loaded this up with batteries as soon as I got it and in daylight (inside of course) took it out to where I know that one of the 3 cats in the house had wet before. I had no idea what the horror that I was about to discover.

As I swept the bluish-purple beam across the carpet and along the baseboards, what was reflected back to me in brilliant white was a story of struggle, of frustration, a fight for dominance and standing, a battlefield of stains and sprayings. The 3 little kitties act nice and purr and softly meow with one another when we're around, but buried deep within each of their dark, furry little hearts must lurk a dark force that compels them to out spray each other. Either that or they are all colluding against me; peeing on the walls and carpet when I'm not looking, even though they go out 5x a day and have 2 litterboxes in the house.

The good news is that this flashlight is a secret weapon for humans to fight back. I've started stalking the halls and their favorite marking spots with my water gun which I use to generously douse any cat who so much as hesitates in his or her passage through the hallway. I bought some enzymatic cleaner that breaks down the urine stains and erases all trace of their work.

My sudden advantage of knowing exactly where everything was happening, coupled with the super soaker, it has completely thrown the cats into a state of confusion. They don't know HOW I know, but they know that I know, and they no longer pee anywhere that I can find. I'm in charge now!

This flashlight truly tips the odds in your favor!

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5Dude!!! Read my story!!! SCORPIONS EVERYWHERE
By joe
Ok, I had NO IDEA how well these worked!!!! We have had a scorpion problem in our home, here in Kingman, AZ, for quite some time. When I got stung in my bed at 3 a.m., I invested in tons of bug spray, and this flashlight.

The type of scorpion we have here is the "bark scorpion", and BOY DO THEY GLOW when this light hits them. I could see them from across the yard! A good 20 feet away!!!! I feel safer with this light than I do in the daytime! I'm totally freaked out now, because we found scorpions all over the foundation of our house, crawling in-and-out underneath the stucco. We killed at least 15 the first night!!!! We also found a little one inside the house.

I'm writing this review, because I don't think I'll sleep tonight :(. I would highly recommend this light. It's like a spotlight! It's totally my new favorite toy!!!

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5Scorpion hunter
By J. Murphy
We have a lot of scorpions here and they are tough. Barrier sprays do almost nothing against them, and I've tried them all. Even hitting them square-on with powerful products often doesn't kill them, at least not for a while. In fact, these poisons usually just kill the spiders and gekkos, and the scorpions come back stronger with no natural predators around. Whenever possible I like to let living things live, but nothing has stopped these creatures from coming into my home to seek refuge from the Texas heat. I'm tired of my kids getting stung trying to get dressed, my dogs getting stung trying to protect us, and guests being scared half out of their wits on a regular basis. A few weeks ago my son's young friend had a scorpion fall on his back in the middle of the night. A week before that my dog was stung and went into respiratory distress. Evidently he's become allergic. Now, after 8 years, this is really war. And this flashlight is my high-tech weaponry.

This flashlight makes scorpions light up bright green in the night. In combo with some ultra-fashionable orange uv/blue-blocking glasses, they'll light up in the daytime as well, though not as brightly. Armed with the killing tool of my choice, I fire this baby up and sweep the indoors; looking in closets, under sofas, behind everything. I've found a good number in the house this way. But the real "fun" is outdoors. The first night this light helped me find and kill at least 50! The flashlight has strong uv output, and very little visible light so it works very well for this purpose. I can sweep an area quickly, and the scorpions light up very well. I can be quite thorough without spending the whole night. Using this light and the information gained over multiple nights, I have been able to identify where the beasts tend to be concentrated, and, with patience, where they hide. Whenever possible I kill the scorpions manually, my favorite tool being a BBQ spatula, or if they are high up or in a tight spot I use a petroleum-based spray to kill them (eventually). With the spray I also target their hiding spots, like weep holes, the expansion joints of the driveway, the crack in the back step, etc.. I don't spray everything because I don't want to kill the geckos that hunt them. In this manner I have made a huge impact on their population, and I'm finding fewer and fewer each night. Before the war began I was seeing an average of four a day indoors. It's been a few days now since I've seen one in the house. Eventually I foresee reducing the hunts to once every two weeks during their season, and experiencing significant relief from this plague we've been enduring for so long. I'm really happy with my purchase, and the results I've already seen.

The flashlight is well made, it feels heavy and solid, and puts out a lot of uv. The battery compartment is a little different. Be very careful to install the batteries correctly, they go in in odd directions, so mind the polarity markings. As far as battery life is concerned, I'm pleased there too. We haven't had to change them yet, and this thing has seen many hours of use since it arrived. Especially once I figured out I could use it to find previously unknown doggie indiscretions and teach my son about the importance of good aim. I'm really happy I bought this, and happy too that I found a good one, because the reviews of some other brands weren't that encouraging. Hope this helps.

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