MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line ESKONA4 4-Ounce Kona Brown Elements Concrete Stain

MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line ESKONA4 4-Ounce Kona Brown Elements Concrete Stain
From MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line

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  • Sales Rank: #87506 in Home Improvement
  • Brand: MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line
  • Model: ESKONA4


  • 4oz (118ml) Bottle
  • Low odor, water-based, environmentally and user-friendly concrete staining system which contains no acid.
  • Penetrating, non-film forming stain for existing concrete surfaces
  • Resistant to fading from sunlight
  • Can be used on interior concrete floors and exterior concrete hardscapes

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Kona Brown - 4 oz - Elements

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3Pleased With Purchase
By Yogabum
This worked better than expected on my patio and is holding up well with the elements thus far. I used a BEHR brand clear coat sealer that I purchased from Home Depot and applied to help make it last longer. The photo is so shiny because the patio was wet when I took it. I added a black paint design and sprinkled epoxy specks before sealing (not sure I would add the extras if I were to do this again but live and learn).

2/29/16 UPDATE: In the location of my patio that has direct exposure to sun and rain, I've noticed a couple of almost quarter sized areas where the stain has stripped off. It could be that I didn't clean / prep the concrete thoroughly enough so that it could be porous enough to absorb the stain as I am not a professional and don't have any professional or fancy cleaning tools like a pressure washer. Or maybe my epoxy fleck extras affected the sealing process. Bottom line: The stain did not sink into the concrete but acted as more of a surface "paint". If you think about all of the restaurants / retail locations that stain their flooring, you usually see places where the stain is peeling off (especially where there is a lot of foot traffic) so I'm still pleased with how my project turned out but I'm knocking another star off because I now need to spot fix it (as best I can). Overall, I'm still satisfied and my patio looks ten times better than it did before using this product.

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5Risk paid off
So I figured for less than 20$, I would give this a try...and happy with the results! I used this stain on concrete pavers (that I made myself). The pavers had cured at least 30 days. I cleaned the pavers with soapy water and let air dry. I did NOT etch. Applied the stain with a clean dry rag (like you would wood stain)and worked it into the concrete with a circular motion. After 24 hours I applied the Behr (Home Depot) concrete sealer and water repellent - this did NOT change the appearance either.

The stain is highly concentrated. You will get a varigated but DEEP red/brown to black/brown tone. I was surprised, but okay with, how dark the stones turned. Used Kona Brown.

Absolutely, worth the cost. FYI: I had been trying liquid and powder colorants (added to concrete mix) and was very disappointed. The color was too light and very inconsistant from batch to batch.

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5Great color, great price
By jacton
Color is exactly what I was looking for. They only had small bottles here, so had to get 32 oz version else where. I applied this with a lawn and garden sprayer (Chapin 20000 1-Gallon Poly Lawn and Garden Sprayer) and it worked wonderfully. I just used a random circular motion when applying and had the tip set to a mist.

One note. If you apply in sections (meaning different days) you'll want to make sure you clean the filter tip on the sprayer very well. I didn't and when I went to apply the second section, the sprayer was acting like it didn't have pressure. The tip was jammed up with leftover stain from the previous application. Once I cleared that up it was good to go.

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