DROK USB 2.0 Digital Multimeter, Ammeter Voltmeter Capacitance and Watt Meter, 7 Modes Multi Tester

DROK USB 2.0 Digital Multimeter, Ammeter Voltmeter Capacitance and Watt Meter, 7 Modes Multi Tester

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Product Description

Is your mobile device not charging properly, and you suspect the new charger that you bought recently?
Do you want to check If your solar charger is giving proper current for your mobile device?

✓ Input voltage : 3.20 - 15.0V
✓ Resolution: 0.01V (<10V); 0.1V (>/=10V)
✓ Measuring current: 0.00 -3.00a (10a max, but cannot work in 10a for long time)
✓ Resolution: 0.01A
✓ Capacitance measurement: 0-99999 MA/H
✓ Capacitance accumulation: Yes
✓ Power testing: 0.00-9.99-99.9W
✓ Over-voltage alarm: when voltage >/=5.6V, voltage digital point will Flash quickly
✓ Lacking-voltage alarm
✓ Over-current alarm : when current >/=3A, current digital point will Flash quickly
✓ Short-circuit alarm: current digital point will Flash quickly dual USB output

✓  Output I (dual function - device charging and data transfer)
The charging current, in this case, is determined by compatibility. you can view the voltage and current values at the same time.
✓  Output II (device charging only)
The built-in intelligent charging control IC matches the most appropriate and safest current for your devices automatically. It is used mainly for non-original chargers, but it is suitable for original chargers as well. This universal USB gadget is suitable for most of the mobile phones, mobile power, tablet PCS and other USB devices, like BC1.2, yt/d1591-2009 and non-bc1.2 (including iPad, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy).

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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #400 in BISS
  • Size: LED Display
  • Color: black, red, blue
  • Brand: DROK
  • Model: 300043
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: .55" h x 1.02" w x 2.72" l,


  • 7 mode USB monitor - DROK USB pocket digital Multimeter can be used to measure Voltage, current, capacity, and power going to your phone/battery pack and choose 7 different modes the by one button.
  • Dual color LED - DROK USB monitor has red & blue dual-color LED display, which is clear and easy to monitor the charge Voltage and current of your digital USB device to ensure the optimal charge rate.
  • Dual USB output - there are two USB Outputs available: output I for device charging & data transfer; output II for charging mobile phones, tablet pcs, iPad or other USB devices.
  • Multifunction - this multiple USB detector can be used to monitor output volt and amp of mobile charger cables, power use of raspberry pi or arduino board, compare the performance of solar charger.
  • 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee - With this guarantee, you can buy with confidence. So hurry to get this amazing USB digital Multimeter to test your USB cables, wall chargers, car charger.

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

161 of 172 people found the following review helpful.
5Very useful tool for measuring USB circuits - and of several identical appearing models being sold on Amazon, this is the best
By Phil (not) in Magnolia
This is a very handy tool that I purchased to use in measuring the current and voltage of USB circuits and to evaluate whether or not the capability of USB devices is as advertised (for example, does a USB charger deliver 2.1 or 2.4 Amps, or less?).

There are two outputs available:
- 'Output I' - can be used for both charging and data transfer, and will support high current charging rates of 2.1-2.4 Amps as used by many tablets and larger devices
- 'Output II' - use for charging only, will not support data transfer, and will only provide a maximum of 1.0 Amps

Both USB outputs can be used simultaneously. This allows chargers for example to be loaded with two devices to max out and measure their capability.

A couple of important points to make:
- there are (at least) two brands of this meter being sold on Amazon - BESTOPE, and DROK
- the DROK product is ALMOST identical in appearance to the BESTOPE Digital LED USB Amperemeter Voltmeter, also listed on Amazon here BESTOPE Dual-USB Output Charging Detector Digital LED Ammeter Voltmeter. These BESTOPE meters, however, are what I now consider a 'basic' version of this particular meter design, and do not include the seven display modes (see second DROK listing below)
- there are two listings on Amazon for the DROK meter:
---- DROK® Dual-USB 2.0 HUB Fast Charger Doctor Voltage Current Detector Digital Ammeter - the 'basic' meter without any special packaging and without any instructions
---- DROK® Digital Ampere Voltage Multimeter Dual USB 2.0 Meter - the meter with 'seven display modes' and packaged together with a complete instruction sheet, in a nice tin

Again, the second DROK meter listed above has a switchable display that offers seven different modes of display and therefore greater functionality, plus it is supplied with instructions and comes packaged in a nice tin. See photo attached to this review. The first DROK listing, as well as both BESTOPE listings, are supplied in small a zip-lock bag with no other information provided.

All of these meters are perfectly fine for straightforward voltage and current measurements and for someone who is familiar with the use of such instruments and does not require instructions.

I have both the BESTOPE 'basic' version, and the DROK seven-mode version. I purchased both because there are times when I want to be able to simultaneously measure the capabilities of devices that have two or more USB outputs. And I wanted to determine whether or not there was a difference between the DROK and BESTOPE meters. This is how I was able to determine for myself which listings on Amazon would deliver which model, because the descriptions here on Amazon are not always correct. I returned one DROK meter (the first listing above) because the listing stated that it would be a seven-display mode meter, and that is not what I received.

To all appearances it would seem that these meters are all manufactured in the same factory, however DROK goes to the additional trouble to package their meter more professionally and with instructions (for the second listing above). If that matters to you, or if the selectable display would be of value to you, then I recommend the DROK for a couple of dollars more. I rate the second DROK meter at 5-stars and the first DROK listing as well as both BESTOPE meters at 4-stars because of these differences.

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful.
3Great meter but is approximately .0500ma's off.
By Curious George
I like this little devise but have yet to really give it the test.
So far I've used it on a couple small things but nothing even pulling close to .5a (500ma), however it seems to be doing ok so far.
I haven't even used port two yet.
I will update as soon as I have an opportunity to use it to its full advertised capabilities (ie; 2amps) but so far it seems to do the job well and can be very helpful in getting your devise to a 100% charge as most things can still take several mah even after they say 100% charge
The only reason for 4 stars rather then 5 is my lack of testing this meter, I will surely go to 5 stares if it continues to work as advertised.

Update 9/9/2017.
Works as advertised, I'm very happy with this purchase

Up Date 9/9/2017.
Meter works fine but read .0400ma's to 0.600ma's on the low side; this isn't a big deal on many applications but when you start wiring leds that run in the .0200 area it becomes a huge issue that can cost several blown leds in a hurry.
For charging things with a higher current you can simply add the on average .0500ma's for a correct reading but its not much good for more accurate applications.
All testing measurements were done with a certified fluke 117; last accuracy certification 4/15/2017

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful.
4An excellent small USB-specific volt/ammeter
By Dr. D
An excellent small USB-specific volt/ammeter. The manual (what there is of it) is written in very broken english, an is not very helpful. One does figure out that by "capacitance," the designers are referring to watt-hours trsnsfered. Roughly the storage capacity of a charging/charged device. Has little to do with the electrical unit directly. Still, a pretty handy gadget, as it shows both the drop in voltage as the device draws on your supply,, and simultaneously the charging current. Doesn't seem to have any direct means for testing cables, other than sort of by comparison, using your device as a load. Still, Is very inexpensive way to test USB supplies, has enough display resolution to be very useful. Too bad the "manual" is so bad. It tells you very little more than just using the device tells you.

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