Lufkin PHV1425D  Power Return Engineer's Tape, 1-Inch by 25-Feet, Hi-Viz Orange

Lufkin PHV1425D Power Return Engineer's Tape, 1-Inch by 25-Feet, Hi-Viz Orange
From Apex Tool Group

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Product Description

This new tape measurer from Lufkin features a Hi-Visibility orange case with a black co-molded rubber grip. A 9-Feet standout allows for easy and efficient measuring.

Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #25704 in Home Improvement
  • Brand: Apex Tool Group
  • Model: PHV1425D
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 6.88" h x 2.13" w x 4.88" l, .90 pounds


  • The patented quad rivet end hook resists wear and provides longer tape life
  • The exclusive pivot lock makes reach and securing the tape even easier
  • The new case design fits comfortably in your hand
  • Includes an A4 blade, top edge graduated feet 1/10ths and 1/100ths, bottom edge feet,-Inch and 1/16ths

Customer Reviews

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4Decent Tape
By Zach
I had a hard time finding a tape with an engineer scale at the big box stores. My only complaint is at the end of the foot the inch/tenth count starts over instead of giving you an overall length. By this I mean 38 inches is 3foot plus 2 inches instead. Not too big of a deal because it's simple math but would be better with an overall count.

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5Great tape measure for construction workers
By Lyle B. Griffith
Let me start out by saying this tape measure is not for everyone but if you are doing commercial construction work it is great. Most often on any kind of grades such as parking lots storm drains building floors everything is done in tenths of an inch which means one foot is divided into 10 equal measurements instead of 12 inches. What makes this the perfect tape measure for me is it has both tenths and inches on the same side of the tape so if somebody says you need to cut down 1.5 meaning tents that I can look at the tape and know that is equal to 18 inches which is very handy for me because sometimes I can't quickly convert that in my head. There is one thing they could have done to make this tape measure even better in my opinion on the inch scale it stops at 12 inches so if I need to measure something for example 27 inches I need to know that is 2 foot 3 inches not a real big deal but just have to know what your inches are, would not be able to see 27 actually on the tape measure because it shows every foot and 12 inches in between but does not count up all the inches like 27 or whatever.

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5Engineering scale plus fractions perfect for me.
By Tradesman300
If you need both fractions and hundredths...this is the tape for you. I am replacing my 20 year old Lufkin. The only complaint I have is that the tape body is not measured. My old tape was 3" exactly so I could add 3" to the measurement by running the body flush up against a corner of a workpiece.

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