T.K.Excellent O-Rings Assortment Kit 445 pieces

T.K.Excellent O-Rings Assortment Kit 445 pieces

Price: $8.99


  • Brand: T.K.excellent
  • Manufacturer: zhejiang excellent industries CO.,LTD
  • Weight: 31


  • Durable and elongation rubber construction with black finish.
  • Replacing the seals on the faucet stem will create a better seal and help prevent water leaks.
  • Ease of service, no smearing or retightening.
  • The set comes in re-useable, full-visibility packaging simplifies product selection and storage.
  • Kit includes a variety of the most used o-rings on the market.:1/4*3/8*1/16 180pieces,5/16*7/16*1/16 130pieces,7/16*5/8*3/32 60pieces,1/2*11/16*3/32 40pieces,9/16*3/4*3/32,20pieces,5/8*13/16*3/32,15pieces


1.Products include:

O-ring    1/4*3/8*1/16         180 Pcs

O-ring    5/16*7/16*1/16     130 Pcs

O-ring    7/16*5/8*3/32         60 Pcs

O-ring    1/2*11/16*3/32       40 Pcs

O-ring    9/16*3/4*3/32         20 Pcs

O-ring    5/8*13/16*3/32       15 Pcs

2.Usage method:

a.Turn off the shutoff valve on the water supply line to the faucet.

b.Remove the screw securing the faucet handle with a screwdriver.

c.Take the old O-ring off the valve stem.Place the new O-ring on the faucet's valve stem.

3.Scope of use:

a.The O type seal ring refers to the rubber ring with "O" section. It is one of the most widely used hydraulic and pneumatic transmission systems.

b. is mainly used for preventing mechanical parts from leaking liquid and gas medium under static conditions.

c. in some cases, O seals can also be used for axial reciprocating motion and low-speed rotation of dynamic seals.

4.Product advantages:

a.Ease of service, no smearing or retightening.

b.No critical torque on tightening, therefore unlikely to cause structural damage.

c.O-rings normally require very little room and are light in weight.

5.Matters needing attention:

From the seal principle, the O seal ring is a kind of extrusion seal. The basic principle of the extrusion seal is to rely on the elastic deformation of the seal, cause the contact pressure on the seal contact surface, the contact pressure is greater than the internal pressure of the sealed medium, and the leakage does not occur, on the contrary, the leakage occurs.