URBEST Pipe Insulation Tubing 1" x 3/8" Heat Preservation Insulated 6-Foot Length Handle Grips (25x9mm)

URBEST Pipe Insulation Tubing 1" x 3/8" Heat Preservation Insulated 6-Foot Length Handle Grips (25x9mm)

Price: $8.99


  • Brand: URBEST
  • Color: 25x9mm
  • Manufacturer: URBEST
  • Model: UR12


  • EXCELLENT HEAT PRESERVATION INSULATION: The high density and closed structure of selected raw material has the ability of low thermal conductivity and stable temperature and has an isolation effect of hot and cold medium, so the inside of the water pipe will not be affected even if the weather is frozen outside
  • NEAT APPEARANCE OF OUTER TUBE: The insulation material has a smooth surface with high elasticity, soft texture and better anti-resonance effect. Besides, it can also maintain a high-grade appearance even if not ceiling
  • ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: The environmental friendly raw material has no stimulation and pollution, no hazard to health and environment. Moreover, it can avoid the mold growth and mouse biting; The material has the effection of corrosion-resistant, acid and alkali, it can increase the life of using
  • GOOD FLAME RETARDANT PROPERTIES: When burned by fire, the insulation material do not melt and resulting in low somke and do not make the flame spread which can guarantee the using safety; the material is determined as nonflammable material and the range of Using temperature is from -50℃ to 110℃
  • EASY TO INSTALL, EASY TO USE: It is convenient to install due to it is not need to install other auxiliary layer and it is just cutting and conglutinating. It will save the manual work greatly. Besides, we will offer a 12-month worry free warranty and easy to reach friendly customer service


Why is the best choice of our product?

Our brand"URBEST" has registered in America, and we will take the full resposibility to our product, so do not worry to purchase our product. The pipe insulation tube takes a high-quality of rubber plastic material which can protect your water pipe from frozen or heat insulation.

A good experience for pipes in your life!

The pipe insulation has many functions such as Heat Preservation Ability,Environmental pollution free, Good flame retardant properties and so on.Besides, it can make your home more tidy and protect the water pipe whenever summer or winter.

Features of pipe insulation tubing

The pipe insulation has a better function of moisture condensation. Insulation material is both the insulation layer and moisture-proof layer. There is no need to drop the water vapor permeation protective layer so that it has a better moisture condensation function.
The pipe insulation tubing is made of rubber and plastic which holds very tight and you do not feel tired when oprate it.
This product is suitable for aluminum-plastic composite pipe, PPR / PVC pipe, galvanized pipe and so on.


Color : Black
Material : Rubber and Plastic
Inner Diameter : 25mm/ 0.98"
Thickness : 9mm/0.35"
Length : 180cm/ 70.8"(6Ft)
Weight : 104g
Package Included : 1 x Pipe Insulation


30-Day money back guarantee
12-Month worry-free warranty
24-Hours easy-to-reach customer service