RockBirds Broom Mop Holder, T56 Multipurpose Wall Mounted Organizer, Ideal Broom Hanger Solution for Kitchen, Garage, Warehouse (5 Position with 6 Hooks)

RockBirds Broom Mop Holder, T56 Multipurpose Wall Mounted Organizer, Ideal Broom Hanger Solution for Kitchen, Garage, Warehouse (5 Position with 6 Hooks)

Price: $12.99


  • Brand: RockBirds
  • Color: T56 Grey
  • Manufacturer: RockBirds
  • Model: T56
  • Weight: 95


  • 【INDOORS OR OUTDOORS】ROCKBIRDS wall mounted mop and broom holder provide a solution to clean and organize your garage, garden, laundry, offices outdoors and everywhere you want. We belive you will show off to your guests and neighbours
  • 【EASY to INSTALL and STURDY】Quite sturdy, and again (for someone not handy at all) it was extremely easy to install. The unit has 6 holes, comes with screws and Molly holders for six fasteners, and you simply use a level, pick your 'spot' and then use a pencil to mark each hole for the drill, then use a 1/8 bit to drilling. Installed in minutes. Just be sure to hand screw to get it nice and snug on the wall.
  • 【EXTRA GIFT】One reliable stainless steel hook, you can install it alone where you want it, and hang what you want to hang. This stainless hook is very stable, practical and convenient, you will like it.
  • 【COMPACT and LASTING】Total 16 inches length, each ball holds up to 10 pound; each hook hold up to 5 pounds. Thanks to the spring loaded, double rubber gripped slots, whether dirty rakes or wet mops, we guarantee nothing slips, otherwise your money back.
  • 【LIFE-TIME GUARANTEE】This broom holder is ONLY 【Sold by "ROCKBIRDS"】 and 【Fulfilled by Amazon】and ONLY ROCKBIRDS products come with one-year warranty and five stars satisfied guarantee. Other non-fulfill by Amazon products are all counterfeit!


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Keep a house clean is a big chore, keeping it organized is even harder some days, keeping your cleaning supplies organized can also be a big task, with all different sorts of accessories for all different tasks. This handy hanging organizing rack is the perfect solution to keeping your cleaning tools and Sports Equipment Holder in order.

Product description:
1. There are 5 ball slots and 6 hooks so you can organize as much cleaning utilities, organizer designed to hold various household objects with handles of varying thickness, Hooks can be folded up and out of the way.
2. Simply insert a handle into a slot and a rounded, gravity controlled, rolling ball automatically adjusts to the handle's thickness and grips it securely, Easy release by lifting the handle.
3. Fast and Easy to fix, 6 screws to hold the wall mount organizer to ensure strong and sturdy holding, Each ball holds up to 7-1/2 pounds of weight.
4. Apply to Laundry, Garage, Garden, Utility room, Offices, and More.
5. Stainless Steel Hook and Concealed screws, heavy duty design.

Choose where you want it positioned, then check to make sure you have it level, then take a pencil and mark the wall where the six screw holes are. Then get a drill and make holes to fit the anchors into, put the anchors in and then place the organizer back in position and screw into the anchors.

Package Included:
1 x Wall Mount Broom Holder
1 x Stainless Steel Hook
12 x Broom Holder Screws
4 x Stainless Steel Hook Screws

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