Wordlock CL-422-BK 4-Dial Cable Combination Lock, Black, 6-Feet

Wordlock CL-422-BK 4-Dial Cable Combination Lock, Black, 6-Feet

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  • Brand: Wordlock
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Wordlock
  • Model: CL-422-BK
  • Weight: 90


  • Heavy-duty braided stainless steel cable, 72 inches long x 0.4 inches thick
  • 10,000 possible letter combinations
  • All weather, color vinyl coating
  • Rated 585-pound pull strength


Secure your gear with the heavy-duty WordLock 4-Dial Cable Lock. WordLock maintains the highest standard of security for personal and commercial locks, without using any keys or arbitrary number combinations. Instead, WordLock uses your memory's natural preference for keywords and the alphabet, allowing you to set and change your own combination from thousands of possible word and letter combinations. Traditional locks require keys or they make you remember confusing sequences of numbers. Those days are over, thanks to WordLock's advances in lock technology.
Up to 10,000 password choices (view larger).

This Wordlock CL-422 cable lock provides maximum security against theft by using a heavy duty, braided, stainless steel cable along with a clever, word-based combination locking system. The weatherproof cable can stand up to the toughest environments. Cut-resistant with a pull strength rated at 585 pounds, the 72-inch CL-422 cable lock will protect your belongings while providing an easy-to-remember password.

Words Are Easier to Remember Than Numbers

Scientific studies have shown that words are much easier to remember than numbers. With the easy-to-set WordLock Stor-More key storage box (model KS-052-BK), you'll never forget your word-based combination.

With 10,000 possible letter combinations, you can choose a four-letter word that's easy for adults and kids to remember, and is more secure than a key lock. And when you want to change your password, WordLock makes it easy to re-set the lock to a new word. Stop struggling to remember someone's birthday or street address, when you can simply choose a 4-letter word that has meaning to you and your family.

Secure Items at Home or Work Site

You'll feel more secure knowing WordLock is protecting your belongings. This beefy cable lock will guard items in your yard or patio -- lock up the barbeque until next summer or lock down the boat trailer. It's also great for job sites, farms, and industrial settings. At six feet long, this heavy-duty cable lock goes anywhere a chain would -- with all the security and without all the scratching and pinching.

What's in the Box

CL-422 cable lock; operating and installation instructions

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At a Glance

CL-422-BK 4-Dial Cable Combination Lock
  • Personalized, resettable word combination lock with four dials offers 10,000 password choices for maximum security
  • 6-foot length (72 inches); 0.4 inches thick
  • Heavy-duty braided stainless steel cable
  • All weather, color vinyl coating
  • Heavy-duty braided steel cable
  • Rated at 585-pound pull strength
  • Lifetime warranty

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