OMorc Desoldering Wick, Solder Sucker & Solder Braid (2.5mm Width, 1.5m Length) – Desoldering Vacuum Pump Solder Removal Tool

OMorc Desoldering Wick, Solder Sucker & Solder Braid (2.5mm Width, 1.5m Length) – Desoldering Vacuum Pump Solder Removal Tool

Price: $6.99


  • Brand: OMORC
  • Color: Blue
  • Manufacturer: OMorc
  • Model: USAE1-VTGEDS006AD-VD


  • Top-notch Quality. The solder sucker has an aluminum bronze frame and a high pressure vacuum which can remove solder from a printed circuit board effectively.
  • Solder Wick Braid. The desoldering wick is 2.5mm wide and 1.5m in length. Weight: 0.4oz. With low residue design, this solder braid will help clean spare solder on the pin away to avoid short circuit, especially in small, hard to reach areas.
  • Pure oxygen free copper wire, no clean flux for easy to use. The solder wick can help clean some residue flux and BGA thermal bonding pad too.
  • Compact and Lightweight. Measuring 7.48''X0.79'', the desoldering pump can be used with only one hand, either your right or left hand.
  • Solid Construction. The solder sucker has plastic backing to ensure stability.


Get the solder off and replace them with newer ones, which it is very common when soldering, so this solder sucker and solder wick will be your perfect companion to suck the solder away effectively.

Suck the Solder Away Easily
The solder sucker measures 7.48"X0.79", which will fit your hands perfectly no matter if you are left-handed or right-handed. With metal body and high pressure vacuum, this desoldering pump can help you suck the solder away effectively.

Clean the Solder in Detail
2.5mm wide, 1.5m in length and 0.4oz in weight, the solder wick can clean the solder in some small or hard to reach areas. No clean flux, oxygen free copper wire. It will be a great accessory to remove the extra solder.

How to Use the Desoldering Pump
Step 1: Press the plunger down until it is been locked and you will hear a click;
Step 2: Make the tip of the soldering iron to the solder joint and allow the solder to become fully liquid;
Step 3: Move the tip of the pump next to the molten solder. Move the iron out of the way and immediately cover the liquid solder puddle with the pump's tip. Pull the trigger;
Step 4: Repeat this process if necessary.

How to Use the Solder Wick
Step 1: Place the wick over the solder you need remove and then just push the heated soldering iron tip onto the wick;
Step 2: Remove the wick once the solder has been absorbed;
Step 3: Cut off the used part of the wick;
Step 4: Repeat this process if needed

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Package Included:
1* Solder Sucker
1* Solder Wick

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